"The Lands of Evermore" is my favourite MUD. I have been playing and coding there for a long time now and I think I will keep playing and coding there for some more years. To learn more about Evermore have a look at www.evermore.de. This page is dedicated to my own area in Evermore called C'thar, the valley of the Minotaurs..

The history of C'thar

Nobody really knows who created C'thar and the Minotaurs. But there are legends that tell a story of a dark creature, created accidently by Akhran himself. Although it was no god it had godlike powers. So it created a race of nearly immortal servants and worshippers for its puposes: the black Minotaurs.

First all Minotaures were equal and had the same powers. But they soon became as evil as their creator, but with a code of honour that Akhran had forced into their minds. But that code did not prevent that the Minotaurs became envyous of each other, started to fight and thus forgot to serve their god, whom they had named Dorakhor, which simply means God in their ancient language. Dorakhor became more and more angry at his creation and finally killed most of them. Then he created two new subraces: the grey Minotaurs and the red ones. The black Minotaurs still were the tallest race: powerful and gifted with the magic. They were supposed to rule. The grey Minotaurs were smaller than the Blacks but nearly as strong as them. But the lacked the talent to use magic. They became the soldiers and traders. And last there were the red Minotaurs. They were much smaller than the Blacks and their purpose was to serve.

The Minotaurs swarmed Evermore and soon became the nightmare of every other race. They killed, raped, looted and burnt down what they could not carry away. Soon the Great War of the Races started. Elves fought against the Drow, Humans against Dwarves, and all against the Minotaurs. At the end of the War there were few Minotaurs left. They gathered on a plain for a last decisive battle against the united forces of the Elves, Humans and Dwarves. The battle raged a whole day. The Minotaurs were killed one by one and at the end of the day their Queen fell.

But the Minotaurs still were not beaten. So finally the priests of the Dwarves, Humans and Elves called down the powers of their gods onto the plain: they forced the earth around the plain to rise and form invincible high mountains. Then they fled and closed the entrance of the new valley. They magically erased every memory and every word written down about the Minotaurs.

The trapped Minotaurs prayed to Dorakhor to help them, but Dorakhor fought his own war against the gods and was too busy to hear them. He eventually lost and was doomed to be eternally caught deep down below the valley. With the last effort of his fading magic powers he created a town called C'thar, Gods Purgatory.

C'thar remained in isolation for thousands of years until a young elven traveller found a crack in a rock face and behind it natural caves leading through the mountains that surround the valley...

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